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Tree Pruning Experts in Des Moines, Iowa

The #1 tree pruning service in the midwest is Des Moines Stump Grinding. Your one stop for professional full lawn care maintenance.

Des Moines Iowa stump grinders specialize in identifying trees and pruning them correctly and safely. Most trees in Iowa are Post Oaks or Cedar Elms and these trees are prone to being massive and ancient trees. Their branches are large and bulky and when it rots or weakens, it will fall with a large impact.

Our expert crew is available for emergency situations and are authorized to work on commercial properties. They exercise the most rigorous safety standards to ensure the safe passage and satisfaction of all our customers. Our pride is in the safety standards we abide by in order to get a job done efficiently. We have all the essential equipment available for our landscapers so that may finish each job correctly. When you need a professional, hire Des Moines Stump Grinding.

Tree Pruning Experts in Story County

There are three types of trees our certified landscapers are trained to look out for when pruning trees. The first is screening trees. These are the first trees you encounter when entering a new property. Screening trees line the perimeter of the property and act as privacy barriers but as foliage. The next trees are shading trees, not every property has these trees, but shade trees are the largest trees on the property and are used to prevent sunlight from heating up a building too much, hence shading trees. The last type of tree are the ones that are closest to the property building and these trees are referred to as Ornamental trees because these trees compliment the house or building. Knowing the type of tree that is being pruned is important because it determines the cost as well as potential dangers associated with cutting the branches of that tree. As stated before Des Moines Stump Grinding’s quality tree pruning only exercises the highest safety standards.

Our trusted tree pruning business is promoted all over the Midwest region. Our clients range from the cities, Ames, Fort Dodge, Boone, Clive, and Des Moines. Our services are expanding throughout Iowa and cooperate with business properties and homeowners alike, expressing our efficient talents and safety standards equally. We strive to give you the most affordable prices so that all your estimates are free! Contact our landscaping service today to schedule your first consultation for a tree pruning.