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Stump Removal Experts in Des Moines

Let’s face it, stumps are unappealing to your home. They can get in the way of future expansions and also they get in the way of you mowing your lawn! Seek professional help when you need to remove a stump, there is a lot more there than you realize! Des Moines Stump Grinding is the leading stump removal service around. We offer excellent service at an affordable price. We are a full lawn maintenance business from tree pruning to stump grinding. Take out the headaches and hassle of removing a stump and hire a trusted company that excels in professionalism and quality.

You may be familiar with stumps but perhaps you do not know the difference between stump grinding and stump removal. Our exclusive stump grinding package enables us to arrive on site with our heavy machinery, and begin work on the stump. Using our stump grinder mechanism we grind down the bulk of the tree trunk until it is no longer visible from eye level view. However we offer another package if you want the entire tree system to be removed, then we also have the equipment for a complete stump removal. In this situation, we would require our lawn care crew to dig out the trees complex root system until a space underneath the trunk is available. We will then employ a crane to hook to the stump and pull and extract the entire stump from the Earth.

Affordable Stump Removal in Story County

The outstanding, services that Des Moines Stump Grinding offers are affordable options, so you know exactly what you are purchasing. Once a bid is selected, we will submit a team of trained experts to appraise the landscape property to determine the type of soil the stump is rooted in. After confirmation from our analyst, our digging team will be deployed to begin the extraction process. Once the bulk of the tree system is removed we will walk you through the site to see the progress. Our company only exercises safety in the highest regard so everyone involved is safe.

Like stated before Des Moines Stump Grinding is an affordable tree and landscaping service. How much does a stump removal cost? With us, it simply depends on the size of the stump that you request we remove and the amount of time our labor crew spends out in the field to extract it. When you first call we will issue a squad to pursue a estimate on the tree at no cost, completely free. We will then share with you the options that are available. We are a professional stump service and we will ensure that your money is not going to waste.

If you are looking for the finest employment to remove your stump, look no further than the best. Des Moines Stump Grinding is the highest regarded landscaping and tree service in the midwest. Our employees come from local areas, like Ames, Fort Dodge, Clive, and Boone, so they are familiar with the land. If you are a homeowner or commercial landowner then call us today for a FREE assessment on your next stump removal!