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Des Moines Stump Grinding Professionals

Are you sick of looking at the stumps in your yard? Stumps are difficult to conceal because they are large and bulky. Stumps are unappealing for a home. Des Moines Stump Grinding is an outstanding landscaping service that excels in stump grinding.

There is, however, a difference between stump grinding and stump removal. Our experts here at Des Moines Stump Grinding can tell you that stump removal involves first grinding down the tree trunk bulk with a stump grinder machine. After the majority of the stump is ground down the stump itself with will be dug up to reveal its complex root system. Then it is finally extracted via crane to pull the entire system of roots. Stump removal is the most labor intensive option out of the two. If you choose to stop at stump grinding, it will remove the visual aspect of the stump but the root system will still be underground. This can help with erosion control as it holds the soil that has grown into. De Moines Stump Grinding is a professional stump grinding company and will happily help you with whichever option you choose.

Local Stump Grinding Experts

Our locally owned company in the midwest is proud of our many specialized employees that are eager to serve you in all your stump issues. With a bid from our company, we will send a team of experts to survey the land the chosen stump is designated to. They will then conduct a free estimate on the total cost of the specific stump operation. Once an agreement is made we can begin our procedure of transporting the necessary equipment to the stump location to begin the grinding process. Any debris and residue left will be mixed with mulch and turned into fertilizer to stimulate grass growth where the stump once was.

We are also in the business of affordable package deals, but how much does stump grind cost? In contrast to stump removal, we are not needing to extract an entire root system, so the cost of stump grinding relies on two main aspects. The location of the stump, will it be difficult to get our machine to the area the stump is located, and the size of the stump, what is the duration our machine will be used to clear the selected stump. We do not charge extra to clean up after ourselves and the estimate to decide how much it will cost you is no obligation completely free!
We serve and assist homeowners and commercial business owners across the Midwest, and our headquarters are in Des Moines, Iowa. Our family of workers is from local cities in Story County including Ames, Boone, Clive, and Fort Dodge. Let our family serve you by giving us a call to remove or simply conceal any stumps on your property!